Weybridge Lives & Times

by John Szepietowski

Weybridge and its surrounding areas have become the setting for the modern day country home accommodating the rich and famous seeking a secure, exclusive environment close to London

Situated between the UK’s two largest airports – Heathrow and Gatwick – with a wealth of bars and restaurants where residents may socialise relatively anonymously and free from paparazzi. It is also a place where residents’ children have access to some of the best private and state schools within a few miles radius of their homes. Even with the considerable development that has taken place in and around Weybridge it still retains a number of distinctive and interesting features. Not only interesting features but interesting people who have made Weybridge their home such as TV stars like Eric Sykes to stellar pop stars like John Lennon and Cliff Richard. Weybridge has been the birthplace for some such as famous conductor Sir Colin Davis and the actress Jacqueline Bisset and the new home for sports stars such as Chelsea’s goalkeeper Petr Cech and former home of striker Didier Drogba.



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About The Author

JOHN SZEPIETOWSKI has lived in Weybridge for 20 years, having previously lived in the adjoining towns of Esher and Cobham. John was originally from London, but appreciated the many benefits of living in Elmbridge such as its proximity to London and its excellent transport links, whilst enjoying a relatively relaxed, green, and leafy environment. John has a wide range of interests including motor history and the Brooklands race track in particular.

John has a successful career both as a solicitor and as a property investor. He owns numerous commercial and residential properties in London and Surrey and is recognised as a foremost authority on property investment and development. He has delivered talks and lectures on property investment strategies.

John is also a prominent London solicitor having successfully represented numerous high profile litigation and criminal cases, including successes in the Supreme Court. John’s legal expertise is extensive and covers a wide spectrum of matters from corporate, financial and business law, to crime, litigation and property law.

In this book, John has sought to bring together and update various historical facts and tales of Weybridge. The area has had a significant effect in terms of industrial innovation, aviation and motoring, as well as art and literature. Weybridge has also had a significant share of interesting personalities over the years, and the area continues to evolve into the twenty first century.

Publication Information

ISBN: 978-1-9370011-2-1
Paperback: 145 pages

Published: First Ed. May 2018 ;
Available in: English

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: John Szepietowski